For the health of your company.

Our workplace wellness program fuels your team.

Employees performing at their full potential have fewer sick days, no mid-afternoon energy crashes and reduced healthcare costs.

These are all within reach with the Jim White Fitness Workplace Wellness™ program available throughout Hampton Roads.

step 4 training

With the right tools, you have the best chance for a healthy team.

Invest in the health of your employees and your company’s future.

Participating in the Jim White Fitness Workplace Wellness program will give your employees the tools they need to make sustainable changes in their lives, one day at a time.

Small modifications in diet and exercise now can have a big impact on chronic disease prevention and overall well-being in the future.


workplace wellness personalize programs

No cookie-cutter programs here. We are all about personalized service.

Each Workplace Wellness team member will complete a comprehensive and personalized series of health assessments.

They’ll also receive regular wellness activities and learning experiences tailored to their specific needs by our fitness and nutrition experts.

Our programs are flexible — your employees will have the option to choose their levels of participation and commitment.


step 6 see results

We keep your team engaged and motivated.

Our platform fosters team-building, encouragement and improved communication, not to mention a healthy dose of competition amongst your team members.

Our program’s resources are also available on-the-go so participants are never without the information or motivation they need.


workplace wellness for any size corporation

Our program is perfect for any size business.

No company is too small or too large for Jim White Fitness Workplace Wellness. Our program will work for Hampton Roads companies of all shapes and sizes, plus you get to choose your level of participation.


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A healthy company comes from having employees who are provided with full wellness options and support.

$3.50 ROI

for every dollar spent


reduction for every dollar spent


reduction in health costs


reduction in workers’ compensation & disability management costs

Jim White Fitness Workplace Wellness takes care of the whole person.

Help your employees live a balanced lifestyle. They'll experience increased productivity, decreased stress, boosted energy, enhanced strength, advanced nutrition awareness, and improved confidence and cardiovascular endurance.

  • Kickoff live seminar

  • Daily content

  • Progress tracking

  • Monthly webinars

  • Quarterly challenges

  • Access to Jim White Fitness & Nutrition experts

  • Resources and extras

Interested? Please provide the following information and let’s schedule a time to chat about a program we can build to meet your needs.

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